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Photos from the Delhi design summit 2006

Praveen Nahar, Co-ordinator of the Product Design program at NID just sent me a few photos he’d taken at the CII NID Design Summit back in India in December. That’s me ending the last day with a few points on … Continue reading

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Rural vs. bottom of the pyramid

Harish Bijoor has written from the heart in this piece called "Creating brand strategies for rural India" where he says, most insightfully, The case I present in this piece therefore, is a case that seeks to preserve the sanctity of … Continue reading

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Looking for the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid

Rama Bijapurkar has a thought provoking article in The Economic Times that points out to the hordes of "me too" followers of the retail explosion hype in India that it sounds just like the bubble days to her. She cautions … Continue reading

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Collection: Perspective on mobile phones

Time, the Guardian and the Tale of two Indias – poverty and economic changes Three Indias – the aspiring class, an emerging marketPrice point as design criteria for emerging marketsMobile phones: a post industrial platformMotorola’s brand experience in SingaporeDesigning products … Continue reading

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Jugaad 2007

Who we are and what we do is is covered here [obsolete URL] but here is how we could explain our work in the landscape of the earth. A project that we would undertake would be in the area of … Continue reading

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Being Indian, part two

I first wrote about what could easily be called my existential angst over being Indian [heh] back in December of 2005, again while in Singapore after a trip to New Delhi. I’ve never really been comfortable with being called an … Continue reading

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Introduction to my newsletter

This week’s edition of An illustrated weekly of world design is up on Readymade News to rave reviews! Here’s a wonderful testimonial from Gabriel White of the Small Surfaces blog, on design for mobile technology. A little gem has emerged … Continue reading

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