Design on the post industrial platform

This is my first attempt at a manifesto per Hugh’s request for manifesto’s quite some time ago.

1. Few of your collaborators, teammates, coworkers and partners will be under the same roof when you work on projects. Get used to it.

2. Rarely will you all be from the same country of origin, background or language. Learn to communicate across borders.

3. If you are a blogger, you have a headstart on creating global teams and working in innovative ways to maximise output with minimum investment in resources. You are already communicating on a global platform.

4. Everything is a prototype. Just as you respond in real time to minor and major changes in your environment, business models, products, brands need to keep evolving. Pepsi is launching cans with 35 new designs on them this year.

5. And finally, design is nothing more than the tangible manifestation in visual form the sum total of your value system with respect to the eco system in which your work will reside.

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