President’s Republic Day state of the nation address

Since today’s Republic Day, I thought it apt to post HE APJ Abdul Kalam’s speech here. The powerpoints need a lot of work, from the design point of view but are fascinating nonetheless. The results are amazing. Here’s a snippet,

" Today, we have nine geo-stationary satellites in orbit including an
exclusive EDUSAT for education. The country has successfully used the
advances in space technology and telecommunication towards creating the
tele-education as well as tele-medicine networks and village resource

SAKSHAT: One Stop Education Portal has been launched by the
Government to serve the quality education needs of the 11th and 12th class students spread in
any part of the country. Broadband has reached up to the block level in
all the Districts. Students from abroad are coming to India for
academic programmes, training and internship and many foreign
institutions have started collaborating with Indian universities and
academic institutions."

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