Jugaad 2007

Who we are and what we do is is covered here [obsolete URL] but here is how we could explain our work in the landscape of the earth.

A project that we would undertake would be in the area of emerging markets,particularly India, Brazil and South Africa, and/or the bottom of the pyramid segments of the populace.

We develop business models, design and develop products, interfaces and branding/ messaging based on understanding the needs, aspirations and desires of this over looked and often under served segment.

One small example of a project is in the banking industry, where the challenge would be to develop a business model that would work at the most cost effective transaction price in order to maximise the volumes, which are the true engine of growth at the bottom of the pyramid and in rural districts.

There would be immense long term value to creating a network of trust and breaking a key barrier to genuine flow of wealth in India. This is something truly innovative and ‘ground-up’, not just the familiar ‘trickle-down’ effect which has not worked. We call these kind of initiatives “Corporate Social Opportunities”, and we believe they facilitate our objective of working toward health, wealth and freedom to choose for all people.

Do write me if you have more questions or a particular case in mind.

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