Is Jugaad a web 2.0 company?


Reading Techcrunch for the first time today, I was fascinated by this 10 point post on how to get blogged. It made me ask myself a question – is Jugaad a web 2.0 company?

I do believe it might be, not in terms of the product or service it sells, but the actual organizational structure of the team and how its set up and managed. That is, the entire concept or approach to projects is on the web 2.0 platform – the company runs on 2.0. Let me elaborate pontificate:

  1. The four key entities who comprise Team Jugaad are Spire Innovation, Readymade, Zago LLC and Bhan LLC.
  2. They are respectively located in Vancouver, Pretoria, New York and San Francisco.
  3. They are individual entities in their own right.
  4. They are each specialists in their fields which have a bit of a overlap in terms of competencies and are all classifiable under the head "design".
  5. They are a loosely linked alliance of network partners, a dream team, that can offer across continents – Africa, South America and South Asia – and disciplines a turnkey solution from preliminary opportunity identification through primary and secondary research leading to strategies for the launch of new products, services or business models with a particular focus on the bottom of the pyramid and rural market segments of developing nations.
  6. And each is still available to consult or contract on projects as individual entities in their own right.
  7. They come together in modular form, across phases of the projects, per their areas of competence and speciality.
  8. The design planning team comprises of the principals of each entity – Tasos Calantzis, John Trenouth, Manuel Toscano and myself.
  9. We communicate using Typepad and Skype. Some gmail chat, some IM. We brainstorm on Skype and share data via Flickr, and email. We coordinate online using niblettes’ home made discussion board and project management tool which he developed using WordPress.
  10. Its all free or almost free.

Thus our overheads are the overheads we would have had anyway even if Jugaad did not exist, but together we can offer to execute projects on a scope and scale none of us individually could have. We are leveraging the power of the internets and the world wide web to offer global services at a price point few companies could afford to charge to offer the same breadth and depth. We need web 2.0 to exist. We met on my blog.

Yes, Jugaad is a web 2.0 company.

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