Post New York review

A quick summary of the many things that have been  happening over the past few weeks –

  1. Tom Guarriello has an excellent and insightful write up of the DesignwithIndia strategy session that just took place in New York. It was wonderful meeting Tom again in person to renew the on blog friendship we have managed to enjoy for more than a year now. Thank you, Tom.
  2. Breaking news! The Government of India has finally ratified the National Design Policy almost exactly 12 months after they promised to do so. Not bad at all 🙂 they’ve moved fast!
  3. Getting the diverse and widely flung Jugaad Team together in one room was like herding cats but finally worth it in the end. We’ve come away from the few days together energized, inspired and ready to get into action. Keep a look out for us!
  4. more when I think of it…
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