Thank you readers

Today I was talking to a friend, subscriber and fellow denizen of the blogosphere where we all hang out, Tom Guarriello of the TrueTalk blog. The funny thing that came up over the course of a what was possibly one of the most creative and fruitful conversations I’ve had in a very long time was just how much blogging material the two of us were churning out together. And the best part was that we could identify which topics were just right for Tom and which ones for me. Anyway, there was much that we talked about and a lot of praise that I have for Tom as a professional in his demanding field – he assists designers in New York’s pressure driven fashion design industry with their transition to design leadership. All I will say is that the talk inspired me to wish all my readers a happy belated valentine’s day. and to thank them all for helping me raise the bar on my writing.

Every single one of my readers that I have met in person to have a conversation with in the tangible world has been staggeringly smart, intelligent, thoughtful and value driven peeps. I mean if the quality of my readership says something about this blog, I’m humbled to have to do so in so many words.

And what I have just noticed after writing this post over at Readymade News today, was that with every interaction with a smart reader, I suddenly had to write with them in mind. That is, I couldn’t afford to be sloppy any more in my thinking and thus my writing, I couldn’t expect nibby to come clean it up in the comments section anymore. I had to make sure that I could write so concisely and so coherently that John would never ask me another question again is a challenge that I have set for myself everyday.

Oy vey. what next?

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