GrameenPhone wins Award for Best Use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development

Here’s an attempt to collate some recent research – I thought I’d share all the linkage I uncovered before adding my own two rupees worth of opinion and thoughts.

Bridging the digital divide – The ubiquitious cellphone has been recognized as a key tool for the social and economic development for many at the bottom of the pyramid – Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Yunus‘ GrameenPhone received an award in a category that didn’t exist last year – "Best Use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development" for their Healthline project at the recently concluded 3GSM Congress in Barcelona last week.  Another winner was the ultra low cost Motofone which was designed after two years of research into the needs of the rural and urban poor in India. We need many more such applications available for the "other 4 billion" if this bridge is to be built across the divide.

via mefi

Finally! Hooray! This new category "Best use of mobile for social and economic development" is significant, imho, in the industry acknowledging the changes that the mobile platform has afforded in so many developing nations. Of course, my little heart would beat that much faster if that award had been called "Best use of mobile for socioeconomic development" but I won’t quibble ;p

continued pondering on the volumes at the BoP.

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