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I was just ruminating on the secret of my blogging success, which to me is defined as the personal enjoyment I gain from the activity, which in turn becomes why some blogs sustain a momentum over time and some get abandoned.

I realized it goes back to enjoying writing letters, back before computers knew there were others like them out the in the whole wide world. A friend of mine from high school [more than two decades ago] who is now in {undisclosed location} to his work as [top secret] have managed to continue a correspondence, as pen pals almost you could say, over this time through multiple moves across continents and countrys.

I was a prolific writer of letters to people all through the time I left after high school to go away to college and until the internet and email slowly changed my patterns of writing.

hmmm.. I do wonder if there’s something to be learnt here. Let me think…

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  1. Shalini says:

    I completely agree. I got subconciously addicted to writing, thanks to the compulsory letters we had to write home to our parents each week from boarding school and also thanks to all those years of writing 20 page letters from college in the US, before email had become the norm. As I recall, phone calls were pretty pricey too.
    Writing letters the old fashioned way was the best way to communicate. I still continue writing letters to this day, although much less than before of course. What I really miss is all the beautiful letter papers I used to buy, including super thin onion skin airmail sheets so I could stuff an envelope with a ridiculously long letter and it still wouldn’t cost me more than $3. Comparatively, email is rather bland and doesn’t have the anticipation of a letter.

  2. Interesting! Ironically, for me blogging is like coding. I stopped coding many years back and, I think, blogging has turned out to be a way for me to re-live the wonderful old days. I know comparing blogging to coding is a bit strange. But both are immersive and therapeutic. They involve creating something out of nothing; and giving an idea a life. I wrote more about this in early Jan. If you are interested, you can read that here… http://orbitchange.com/blog/2007/01/05/codingvsblogging/

  3. Niti Bhan says:

    hum log koi koi log hotein hain jiska dimag non stop chalta rahta hai, and so we need some hobby which is equivalent of doing hard work for other people to relax. Do you think it’s the reason behind the IIT’s “basic funda maloom hai na, aur sabh kuch hojaega, bus now you leave it to me yarr, we’ve got some jugaad” :p culture?

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