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Survival markets design?

I just came across this world economic pyramid from the World Resources Institute and was intrigued to notice that CK Prahalad’s ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ segment – those other 4 billion who live on whatever the current amount per day … Continue reading

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Who needs a wallet?

Long time readers know my personal obsession with the mobile phone as a post industrial platform for social and economic development, particularly in emerging markets, so this parking meter outside Edinburgh Castle caught my eye. You can pay by phone … Continue reading

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Spotted in Scotland

Saving the world – or at least addressing the concerns regarding the key issues – has gone mainstream in the United Kingdom. This is a window display at Marks and Spencers on Princes Street in Edinburgh – yes, back in … Continue reading

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Mustn’t forget

Here’s what I want for my birthday – the Shutdown Day! KG please put the URL in the comments, I don’t have it on me and must rush to the airport!

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Its birthday time of the year…

And this year my ambition is to drink single malt in Scotland on Saturday, March 24th 2007 for my 41st birthday. I must say that for all that I was pondering 40 last year, my forties look like they’re only … Continue reading

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My mother calls me beta

It struck me while reading Bruce’s post that when he said " we live a life in beta" just how true it has been for me. When I embraced liminality and the uncertainty and chaos of not always knowing how … Continue reading

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25 years of interacting with a computer

I’m still surprised that I’m the closing speaker at the 25th anniversary of the computer human interaction society’s conference in San Jose this year on May 3rd 2007. Personally, I don’t have a clue about how one goes about all … Continue reading

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