Sound the alarm! Call out the cavalry!


Oh pooh! Listen to this piece of melodramatic nonsense from The Guardian Unlimited – unlimited seems about right when referring to their now belated fearmongering. Businessweek’s been blathering on about it for years, people, don’t you read the competition anymore? she asked snarkily.

Asian giants scent blood in the West
An army of Indian and Chinese firms is poised to move into Europe and the US, says Elliot Wilson
When India’s Tata Steel stretched its finances to the limit last month to buy Corus, it heralded more than simply an audacious coup, or a neat reversal in colonial fortunes.

By shelling out £6bn for the Anglo-Dutch steel firm (a record overseas acquisition by an Indian firm) Tata Steel put the West on notice: Asia’s emerging corporate giants are coming, and they’re richer and thirstier for success than you think.

If you ask me, it isn’t as bad as all that. And certainly not for the UK whose brands still carry some weight amongst the Commonwealth. China, of course, maybe a challenge – but the UK’s unique heritage in having continued long lasting economic and cultural links with its once far flung – oh, lets use the word – empire, should allow it muddle along well enough. What it needs is a few more Dysons.

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