Do I contradict myself… so sue me

Silly title, but its all really niblettes‘ fault. He and I were working on a project we’re doing right now when after a point I found that some of my design constraints kept changing from day to day or whenever we’d done enough research.

On reflection, it seems to me as though this is part of the creative process, if I may be so bold as to state it, this ambiguity and the chaos of the brainstorming process is key to innovation. Agreed we all hate that word now, bla bla bla hype. But hey, its still a novel way to approach problem solving.

Innovation process systems need to be dynamic and learning. They cannot be structured like software programs with sets of algorithms that do things to a preset list of conditions. I’m talking through my hat here since there are any number of people that you or I could name who are experts in this field. But my observations show that the creative process demands relief from the pressure to come up with one right answer. Most forecasting systems seem to have this inherent bias built in; the designer’s dilemma, you could say.

As niblettes and I progressed in our strategy design process we reached the point where there were no more easy answers to be had and we had to work with uncertain data which was incomplete besides. Uh, like how it is in the real world of business decision making. Something which when designing the perfect plan or strategy is rarely taken into consideration. The "fuzzy" quotient, you could say.

Right, that’s enough pontificating for the moment, though I must add that this so called fuzzy quotient is usually irrational and thus not always divinable by sheer logic and deduction. Its called lateral thinking, and you’re left wondering "Hey, where on earth did that thought go? "

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  1. ginni xanders says:

    i have been reading your posts for a while now… very informative and interesting… but let us say for example this post, the post is very confusing, i am not saying that it is not informative but you know if i have to read this i have to break each of the sentences in bits and pieces and then understand it. There is no flow no continuity… make the reader dis-interested…
    see how you can work on improving your way to express… i find this quiet often in your writings… so today i finally felt that i must communicate this to you…
    ~love n peace
    ginni xanders

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