Breaking News!! India sucks, has too many people, wtf?


BusinessWeek’s cover story of March 19th 2007 – hang on… whatever – has Steve Hamm concerned and asking if crumbling roads, jammed airports and power blackouts could hobble growth? One could go on to make noises about glass houses and stones regarding economic growth and future prospects but instead one shall wait to see how the desi bloggers respond. Sadly, I’m highly unqualified to speak on this matter since I’m neither here nor there. Nice cover, though.

Here’s a prettily decorated chart showing just how everyone stacks up according to the selected statistics. Very nice. Matches the decor of my blog.


Where’s the poverty index? You know the one that shows that 1.3 million Californians live on under US$ 10,000 a year? That works out to $833 a month or $27 a day. They’re ten times richer than the bottom of the pyramid living on $2 a day but once we look at purchasing power parities, and as a resident of the state of California, who has also attempted to live alone in Chennai on a monthly salary of Rupees 2250 [ok, that was 17 years ago but its experience] I had less trouble making do alone in Chennai than I would in most parts of California on 833 a month. The federal poverty level is $20,000 a year for a family of four.

But that’s not considered a fair comparison since it only affects 17% of American children. Not 70% or higher like it does in India or China.  But hey, the Emir of Qatar has just donated three mom and baby mobile health clinics to New Orleans!   

Where’s the education index? Out worrying about the numbers of scientists, engineers and what not pouring out of schools – whether they are qualified or not – from these populous nations.

Do I have a point? Or am I just going to ramble on all night? I don’t know.

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