My mother calls me beta

It struck me while reading Bruce’s post that when he said " we live a life in beta" just how true it has been for me. When I embraced liminality and the uncertainty and chaos of not always knowing how everything would turn out, albeit by giving up some amount of control over events and peoples in my life, I realised that it was in fact living a life in beta. Isn’t that what design thinking is all about? Everything is a prototype and when it is, its liberating, because if something doesn’t fit right, nobody says you can’t tweak the prototype to make it work a little better but everyone would think twice about tweaking someone else’s finished design, n’est ce pas?

And so, today I must share my secret, you see, mummy calls me "beta" with love in her voice.

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One Response to My mother calls me beta

  1. Allan says:

    Both the ‘Beta’s’ innovate, learn, develop and listen to their consumer (community / surrounding’s) needs; building their position (character) in the marketplace (society).
    But there’s a difference, BETA is lifeless, no ‘Jaan’ in it, everything is Tech-Tech. Unlike ‘Beta’, which is so polite, filled with love, compassion and care.
    Does she still call you – “Beta”.

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