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Playing dice with god, with all due respect to Enstein

I don’t know if Albert Einstein was right or wrong, when he said "God does not play dice" but for sure, sometimes, when you’re wandering through your day getting your chores done, dropping off the laundry then having a smoke … Continue reading

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Round one: my passport wins

I’ve written before about my complex relationship with my passport, growing up traveling as I did between countries on school holidays meant I’d either hate the fact that holding a third world passport with a weak soft currency means high … Continue reading

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Access is empowering; part one

In a conversation with Aditya Singh of The Ranthambhore Bagh, he pointed out something that just blew my mind. Dicky said that after talking to the villagers in the area [the region we’ve selected for Phase one of our project] … Continue reading

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A user speaks

I’m just a user on the internets, a humble surfer, journeying on the information highway, though its neither straight nor linear ;p, and I wondered what it would be like if I could talk back to everyone who builds the … Continue reading

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Reach out and ping someone

I just exchanged ‘pings’ with an old friend from high school. I sent him a quick email saying hello and telling him how my current writing was reminding me of the days we hung out in the computer lab after … Continue reading

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Second blog birthday!

This is a post that has been in the back of mind since April 24th 2005, the day I started Perspective, my first blog. Happy 2nd Birthday, blog!!! Wow! Two full years of blogging, my how time flies when you’re … Continue reading

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Information is Power; Access is Empowering

Nice title huh? Thanks Neelakantan for your comment to my previous post. Here, I reproduce his comment and my answer in full along with the original post. What are the hurdles for the BoP user? I’ve been using the blog … Continue reading

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