Meeting the original ‘backlash’ guy

My first day in London and I’ve just had coffee and snacks with Kevin McCullough, the original ‘backlash’ guy so to speak, since it was his seminal article in Core77 that BusinessWeek’s been referring to during the recent ‘backlash against design and innovation’ kerfuffle.

We both realized that one hour was far too short for two such opinionated people as ourselves, particularly since Kevin’s been involved with a major mobile phone project in India – my favourite subjects to pontificate on. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to have a real sit down and conversation over beers some day soon, ideally this year!

Now… shall I try to see if I can get tickets to the new version of A Midsummers Night’s Dream at the Roundhouse theatre or go see ‘The Namesake’ a new film about a family of immigrants from Calcutta based on Jhumpa Lahiri’s award winning book?

Tough choices!

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