Down the programmed rabbit-hole

I have not, at any rate, tried for one more critique of the Business Culture, nor even a pop/mandarin celebration. I just wanted to poke around the myth factories, to see where and how it was done, to talk to the people responsible.

They turn out to be high-minded, mostly, and gifted with terrible innocence. There are impressive quantities of bonhomie amongst the landscape gardeners of the new reality, and more than a touch of old-time boosterism. There is a concern for issues, the environmental pieties, oddly mixed with a quite inordinate respect for the rituals of technology. The Space Programme, in this context, has acquired the validating and tedious role of a state religion.

On the other hand, they tend to be sublimely incurious as to effect. There is nothing than cannot be controlled and merchandised. ‘The only thing we can’t make is something we can’t think about,’ said Sorenson of Ford’s, joyously. ‘The perfect Caribbean island didn’t exist,’ say the ads for Paradise Island […] ‘so we created it.’

~ Anthony Haden-Guest

From the introduction of the book Down the Programmed Rabbit-Hole published in 1972. Italics are mine. We’re looking at the effects today, 35 years, later. Welcome to the Matrix.

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