Do no evil

I just had an interesting revelation whilst talking on the phone to Marc Levy, a journalist with Associated Press who’d actually called me for my opinion on some company entering India soon.

What I realized that is that a shift had taken place internally for me, as I tried to answer Marc’s questions, and it was one that was shaping the way I conducted myself, professionally, and how I conducted business, building and maintaining long term mutually beneficial client relationships.

One of the biggest insights, [touch wood, she says, superstitiously] for me today was that I felt very lucky that I had the luxury to choose with whom I worked, on which kinds of projects and for which clients. More and more I’ve come to realize that I want to utilize whatever experience or skills I’ve gained and any innate abilities that I may have in a manner that best serves my own values. And this includes ethical business practices based on giving my word of honour that I would deliver what was agreed upon within the terms defined.

This sounds all very fine but what does it mean in practical terms? Well one thing I noted during my conversation was that I was really not excited about half the companies rushing into India’s [rolls eyes at oft repeated cliches] burgeoning markets or China’s rising income levels. Why? Well today I find myself asking what exactly were these companies rushing in to offer? And truly, do we need another iPod?

So I find myself gravitating towards projects based on the user centered process to create win win strategies for revenue generation and opportunity identification, as always, but now with a critical eye towards what products were being launched, whether the target audience even needed the product and most crucially, was there any two way benefit involved or was it seen as purely a profitable enterprise?

I guess you could say its an extension of my design for survival theme mentioned earlier, except now its strategies for survival.

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