Jugaad zindabad or is it time to go home?

While I must confess that I’m by no means ready as yet to relocate to India, as many have recently asked me, I do begin to foresee a time where I’ll be diving my time between India, Singapore and the US with far more frequency. I can almost sense the travel in the future.

My carbon footprint would surely increase but air travel and the shrinking global village [all hail McLuhan] are a unique moral dilemma in the context of global warming today. It is here that strategic trade offs begin to happen between what is good for the planet and what is good for the planet, so to speak. Can we afford to sacrifice the benefits of being able to travel the world and see the seven seas to the very real and disturbing trend of climate change?

I don’t know. As I grow older I find that things just aren’t as black and white as they were in my sharper visioned youth. Fuzzy shades of gray are all I can see now, alright i’m not in my dotage yet but I can whine can’t I? meh.

Anyway the only logical way I see to solve the problem above is to create an optimal solution where the two inequalities are minimize emissions etc to curb global warming vs. impact on global understanding and world peace [cough, sounds too melodramatic to me] that things like travel bring. I could, of course, be wrong, hence the usual request of what do you all think?

We need a platform online with no barriers to entry at all where as many as who can connect can communicate. As world, we need to talk. Talk about how to solve the problems that face us all right now? Talk to each other as makers, as shapers, engineers, designers, businesspeople, creators – what can we do in every project, that can effect positive change on the environment in which I live and ecosystem in which I must practice?

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