“An old India hand?”

via YaleGlobal comes this fascinating [to me, at least, but i’m easily amused] article about Germany’s recognition of India on the global stage. In an interview with a German business, some interesting snippets emerged,

"If I’m right and India remains an unbelievably important country for
the IT sector, in two or three years we are going to be desperately
seeking IT specialists with experience in India or with Indian
companies. The ones who are successful will say, ‘I know how to work
with an Indian firm, I understand the problems that surface, I can
understand the language barrier, I know, culturally, why some things
work better than others.’"

I don’t think it will be IT alone, imho. That is just one area of focus, there are so many more. I must say however that this last paragraph is most heartening though.

Hermes said that
Germany had been remarkably naive in 2000 when it offered 20,000 "green
cards" or work visas to Indian computer engineers and expected them to
beat down the door.


"It was obvious the
Green Card program would be a flop. Top people go to the United States,
Australia — the language is English, there are other Indians, the
taxes are lower," he said. "Or you could go to Germany, where people
barely speak any English, you earn 65,000 euros, pay 40-45 percent
taxes and have to count your blessings if you wear a turban or have
dark skin and don’t get beaten up. Which country would you choose?


"That meant that the ones who came here were the ones who didn’t get jobs elsewhere."

Makes one wonder when being an old India hand will be a gold star on a resume?

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