A user speaks

I’m just a user on the internets, a humble surfer, journeying on the information highway, though its neither straight nor linear ;p, and I wondered what it would be like if I could talk back to everyone who builds the stuff I use every single day.

So, I turn on the computer every morning, its a PC, I haven’t quite liked the Apple stuff since the Apple IIe, so I guess I’m allowed to hold a negative opinion of the Mac OS, don’t you think? To be honest, its the one click mouse that drives me batty and all the UI that supports that. Aaaargh. I like my UI dumb and under my control. I hate the paper clip. Give me back my Windows 3.1 – I liked it the best of everything I’ve used since 1982. It was the right balance between ease of use and can I control my own real estate, huh, guys?

Firefox and Thunderbird, thank you Mozilla Foundation. Yes, I ‘felt’ the seismic shocks that shook Mozilla and Netscape, as a user, I had a netscape.net website in 1998 and the account kept getting more and more complicated to use and log in to that I gave up and abandoned it. I remember thinking wtf? Now we’re back to ease of use and life is simple and you don’t really bug me, but the latest firefox update is driving me batty, it refuses to download properly. Is it linked to the latest Windows update, I do wonder?

I hate to say this, but to be honest, more and more in my daydreams, Google is the OS of my choice. Huh? WTF? Where did that come from? I should go and see what I’ve read where and pinpoint what gave me that idea, but I’m hesitant to use Google’s new history service. As in your web history. Ew. How embarressing. Wither privacy?

Flickr has been seriously bugging me ever since the rollover to Yahoo log ins, because I like staying logged into Flickr all the time, but NOT Yahoo. Oy vey!

There, /rant over

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