Playing dice with god, with all due respect to Enstein

I don’t know if Albert Einstein was right or wrong, when he said "God does not play dice" but for sure, sometimes, when you’re wandering through your day getting your chores done, dropping off the laundry then having a smoke with the cornershopwalla to muse on the world in a microcosm of our street corner. How very Asian of us, oh dear…

So anyway, I told Mike the store guy that I thought I finally understood what it meant to play dice with god, and they both smiled at me. He and his elder brother.

And then today, I was thinking about this and I went to look up exactly what Einstein had meant, since I have never been able to understand what he was saying, thus wondering if I was extremely stupid. And it still doesn’t make any sense to me, so I must hazard a guess that the concept of ‘playing dice with god’ is a feeling you have inside of you, an emotion you feel, and not a hard cold fact like the law of gravity.

I’m going home to mommy, soon. I need to buy tickets to India via Singapore, in about three weeks, cos my mom wants me to stop over and say hello on the way to New Delhi from San Francisco. Yeah, right, mom, its on the way ha ha, so I usually end up with no choice but Singapore Airlines, but who’s complaining about the service? And its embarressing to admit I’m still a very spoilt brat since I allow my dad his oldfashioned Indian ways that a daughter never pays to visit her father’s house, its always an annual treat from him. Thank you papa.

I’ve freed myself from liminality in this grand old age of forty one. I’m Indian, don’t mind it, we are like this only.

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  1. Emlyn says:

    Hehe, give me a call when you’re in sg; this place might interest you, if you can forgive their unbelievably annoying website:

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