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Save Money or Make Money : mobile services & the Asian BoP

I attended a presentation today by Dr Rohan Samarajiva, former Director General of Telecommunications for Sri Lanka, and now head of LirneAsia. He shared with us the results of a 2006 survey on mobile phone use in the BoP segments … Continue reading

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Emerging markets: volumes, not margins

One of the global megatrends underlying the shift taking place in global markets with respect to new market strategy has been that of the rise of the aspiring consumer from hitherto overlooked segments of the population in developing nations. This … Continue reading

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The iPod, don’t Touch

Take a beautiful object, one that feels sensuous and slinky in feel and a pleasure to hold and play with, give it the power to connect to the world, the capacity and the capability to be so much more than … Continue reading

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Megatrends in the Indian marketplace: A snapshot

Ten years ago, the great Indian bazaar was just barely cognizant of the changes that were to unfurl upon it, even as five years of market liberalization saw such landmark moments as the re-entry of Coca Cola, the launch of … Continue reading

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Design for a new world

I am 41 and a half years old. When I finished my engineering degree and went to design school for the first time, there was no internet. I would write long letters, corresponding with frequent regularity with a variety of … Continue reading

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Why is design important?

I wrote this essay recently for a different purpose which has been served, so thought to post it here. Design is first and foremost a philosophy, based on a system of values, which seeks to solve problems. What are we … Continue reading

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The chemistry of inspiration

Snippets of a quote from James Watson bookmarked via Ideaport has been flitting through my consciousness the past few days. Getting out of intellectual ruts more often than not requires unexpected intellectual jousts. Nothing can replace the company of others … Continue reading

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