Design for a new world

I am 41 and a half years old. When I finished my engineering degree and went to design school for the first time, there was no internet. I would write long letters, corresponding with frequent regularity with a variety of friends around the world. Today my blog serves some of this purpose, even as I write down the thoughts that come my way. I am able to capture and share my thoughts in a manner and form that did NOT exist when I first encountered the field of design. One that so captured my interest and attention that though I’ve tried to leave it many times – it has always had the power to drag me back to it.

Our world has changed around us. Have we?

During my interview with Mikal Hallstrup, cofounder of Danish design consultancy Designit, he said something about very powerful about our times. This was in reference to the issues that face us today – climate change, environmental degradation, poverty, speed of information flow and the ever decreasing size of the world in which we live thanks to ubiquitous communication and technology. He said on the topic of sustainable development and strategies for the future, the sender and the receiver are ready for the message. That as much as people are demanding answers to the problems that face us all, companies were waking up and realizing that they had a greater responsibility to the world in which they operate.

Sustainable development, poverty, environmental issues, culture and consideration, being human centered, empathy, sensitivity and respect – these are the topics that are coming up over and over again in my conversations with people. Whether its Manuel Toscano leaving a comment on the previous post or Vanderbeeken of Putting People First framing a direction – we’re all talking the same language. These concepts are resonating from New York to Copenhagen, Torino to Singapore – are we recognizing the new world in which we are living? Are we ready to listen to our zeitgeist?

One that gives back as much as it takes. One that has the sensitivity to understand the responsibility one carries for future generations. One that looks ahead beyond the immediate gratification of one’s own wants to the very real and undeniable needs of those who have nothing. Or is this the voice of my generation – the digital immigrants, who entered the online world as adults and discovered the ways we all connect together across barriers of geography, language, culture and time?

Just some midnight rambling…

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