Business model innovation – an opportunity for cross pollination

I don’t think I’m saying anything new here, nor am I saying anything I’ve not said before. However, the impulse that is driving me to say it again, perhaps in a new way or with a different choice of words, is what is paramount right now. Too much of what I’m reading online seems to point towards what feels like an inevitable evolution, on a global scale.

First, there’s the shift that has undeniably taken place. Albeit, its early days yet, but then again, all forecasts or imaginings of the future are based on what Andrew Zolli has called ‘weak signals’. Davos in 2008 is probably the best indicator that their theme last year, Shift, was timely and prescient. Regardless of the disparities of income and quality of life still apparent in India and China, these economies are now too large to ignore, their influence is indeed being felt in product innovation, and more importantly business model innovation.

Take them as test beds for observing new revenue models that can emerge when a significant proportion of your target audience survives on uncertain and irregular income. Particularly, observe what endures. Then take what works and see if it can be adapted and tweaked for your own market, if your primary focus is the European or American market.

The coming economic changes demand that you will have to do so soon enough anyway.

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