Pondering the flux

Its been a very long time since i’ve either felt the urge or given in to the fleeting impulse to ramble on in a late night post, circumlocuting my way to my heart’s content. Perhaps I haven’t felt like circumlocuting much, and maybe I wont tonight but there’s still stuff to ponder and so I shall.

This is not a post of links, though they’re all out there. This is simply an attempt to capture the swirling bits of matter I see in media. Everywhere I look, whether its mainstream media newsfeeds, alternative news sites, blogs… even an investigative journalist cum astrologer… everyone seems to be talking about change. And shift. Flux. Let me digress a moment to note the myriad meanings of flux for synchronicity’s sake.

But what caught my imagination’s eye?

The fact that instead of referring to shift as thought its ‘happening’ or that we are in ‘flux’ – now these references are in the past tense. As though they’ve been accepted as happened. We aren’t in flux anymore, it seems – that is the actual process of changing- but have actually changed. Now the ‘flux’ is only the transitory space between a major change that has apparently occurred worldwide in every sphere and from any angle that one could conceive of and the finding of new ways of being, doing, making that these changed circumstances will apparently require.

It feels as though almost overnight we’ve collectively gone from anticipating change – with all the fear and trepidation that accompanies any major shift in our circumstances or life – to refreshing our frame of reference to one which simply assumes that change has come and gone and now we have a brand new set of references or point of view from which to operate.

How interesting, don’t you think?

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