International Marketing at the Bottom of the Pyramid by Richard Fletcher

Here is the PDF of the paper titled “International Marketing at the Bottom of the Pyramid” by Richard Fletcher of the University of Western Sydney. From the paper’s summation,

From this above research into communication, it appears necessary for managers wishing to do business in BOP markets to develop separate marketing strategies for these markets.

To successfully access such markets will require approaches tailored to such markets rather than a global approach because the BOP markets have not had the exposure to ‘western’ influences as they do not have the same media exposure as the upper and middle income groups in developing countries.

Appeals to those at the BOP will need to be tailored to their cultural differences and take into account local conditions.

Offerings to the BOP segment will require a deep understanding of the local environment and involve a ‘bottom-up’ approach resulting from identifying, leveraging and shoring up the existing social infrastructure.

Strategies need to be culturally sensitive and relationship based. They might include:

  • Creation of a unique business model tailored to the local market that is both culturally sensitive and economically feasible;
  • Identification of the real needs of the consumer and product adaptation to meet these needs in a way that creates opportunity for local participation;
  • Development of tactics to overcome the infrastructure problems faced by BOP consumers;
  • Detailed research into the BOP market, its needs and characteristics;
  • Collaboration with non-traditional partners in the market so as to gain expert knowledge of the existing social infrastructure, and
  • A conscious and publicised plan to develop local talent.
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