Lessons from the BoP 10: Life is hard; make it easy to use, easy to choose

Photo credit: Goverdhan Meena, Rawal village, Rajasthan India Jan 2009

When Goverdhan, my local fixer in Sawai Madhopur shared these photos he'd taken in his village back in January when I was doing the prepaid reserach in rural India, I was amused. Note the heavy duty environmental protection due to the heat and the dust of Rajasthan and also note the brand preferance. Endurance? Survival? Simple? Easy? and wholly and completely committed to the BoP customer's challenging needs.

Just yesterday I came across this news article that states, although I do add a caveat that the actual report is a little mangled when it comes to making sense of the data.

Simplicity of handsets and tariff plans are the main drivers for mobile
telephony in rural areas, according to a research by consulting firm
Accenture. Besides simplicity, a rural subscriber is concerned about
the ongoing cost of a connection.
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