BoP market segmentation: a chicken and egg dilemma?

The idea that has captured my imagination for the past couple of day is the question I've attempted to pose in the title of this post. "Consumers" do not exist, they are not a human archetype like hunter, hero, traveler or savior. This I'm sure is an area better covered already by experts in myth making, advertising, marketing and the field of human communications.

Now, continuing on my thinking from yesterday's post on ethics, I wonder if the need to create demand, thus marketing within the BoP constraints and conditions implies the creation of consumer segments or discovering existing ones, who may or may not resemble far better known consumer persona stereotypes from mainstream global culture.

I know that I've often said the BoP is the great unknown and must first be understood as a market in its own right with a different value system in play due to challenges of both income as well operating environment. Today I wish someone was holding a flashlight for me.

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