the internet is, was, and always will be about the people, not the technology

Netizen. Reference (1995)

Net-i-zen = the zen of the net. the heart and soul and mind of the interweb. are the people. the technology is only the body.

also, My handle at one point on the internet (1997)

I can feel a post coming on of the likes of which I haven't written in years. Its December 2009 already? Where did the years fly past? And when? Connections made through the internet, via Google most likely, as people discovered and came and subscribed. And became friends and enemies and lovers, sometimes, as is usual in our complicated lives, all three. But the core remains.

What do I mean? What am I trying to say here?

Let me tell you what just happened. Members of the community formerly known as, "an innovative online network from Hearst Corporation in August 1995" – most of us arrived there in late 1996 or early 1997. I went online in New Delhi using the Lynx text based browser provided by the Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (vsnl), a state owned monopoly at that time, on a 386 machine with Creative Labs Multimedia sound and video card – woohoo as we used to say on our blazing beep boop beep dial up modem, we wuz surfin' the world wide web, OMG WTF LOL. Was born.

Today, he/she/it, the human fuzzy element of the web is getting on in age, now some 15 odd years later, yet  we found ourselves back connected on Facebook and treat it like yet another version of bulletinboard design, with threads that let us manage our conversations in the forums.

This is the attempt to capture the observation made in an email thread that serves as a forum, as its very similar to the way it used to be online for us.

That  it felt today, chatting, commenting and posting with the "Invisibles" as Frankie calls us, since we recall the days when the only people you met on those nasty internet thingy wuz "internet axe murderers". Who thinks twice about a meetup with peeps you've never met IRL today?

We ladies, I just realized, were among the second wave of pioneers, whether late early adopters (right after the truly tech infused crowd) or early majority (I am the youngest in my not really thirtysomething anymore days). We formed passionate communities of users. The proof is in the time, resilience and the deep affection with which we were remembering today our heydays on Homearts community boards, "social networking" away you kids would call it, I suppose.

The moderator met and married one of the community members on our preferred board and I was invited to the wedding in  1999. We wuz there, 'Trep and Panny, and Panamon, Crystal, Water and TamBob too. Cara got married in 2009, and we wuz there, me in person and the rest through Facebook.

Did I mention time and resilience? wow. that is all.

So, where do we from here, all you Invisible People out there in Internet Land?

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