India’s telco price wars; a street view

C21Dec09_290x390 This issue of Businessworld caught my eye on the flight from India, with its accompanying cover story full of informative graphs and numbers. Anecdotal evidence from the rental car driver tells me that some gaps exist between marketing and the end user, he said he prefers the 50p per minute rate for his prepaid account rather than the 1p per second rate because that adds up to 60p per minute. I wonder if the per second rate billing is rounded off to the nearest minute? If not, they have some communication challenges ahead if your average Ram, Jeet or Hari doesn't get it.

Here are my attempts to capture this ongoing "war" to and from the airport during my 10 hour stopover in New Delhi on the 15th of December, 2009.




And, as we whizz by these marketing campaigns that apparently signal the 'price war' for the BoP customer, one assumes, I thought I'd add a photo of the driver's time pass, a book whose title transliterates as "Rapidex English Speaking Course". A gift from a disgruntled customer since he confessed to poor language skills. No, he hadn't heard of that well known Finnish solution for learning English via his phone either…

All photos taken in New Delhi, India on December 15th 2009.

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