“It seems that destiny has taken a hand” ~ casablanca

My little netbook, the 10" eeePC that has been my workhorse in Helsinki for most of this year, was dead on arrival here in Singapore a couple of days ago. Driven by a deadline to submit final documentation to the iBoP Asia Project, I was able to complete it with their assistance using my old desktop still operational here in my parent's home. Turned it off before I went to sleep only to wake up just now and find that it mysteriously refuses to work – the CPU is dead as a doorstop.

I guess its the universe's way of letting me know I need to take a break since nothing else would have made me stop going online everyday. Mind you, I'm currently borrowing mom's machine to type this but that's not a real solution. The bottomline is that I'm now officially on vacation except for occasionally checking email for the next week or two, some omens are best not ignored. I'd hate to imagine what else might break down if I don't heed this very clear message …

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