2010: Pondering the future…

Four years ago in first week of January 2006, I set myself the goal to give voice for the user at the very bottom of the social and economic pyramid, so that she too could be heard.

Having experienced the first gold rush into India’s emerging market, with its attendant fiascos and the shifting tide of cookie cutter consumerism, someone, I thought, should look closer and deeper at understanding her, in the context of her own life and conditions, as a person, not just a dollar denominated demographic.

Today, she’s one of the most visible people around even as we all scramble to figure out what she wants and needs, aspires and dreams so that we can find a better way to serve her.

She has found her voice, albeit a tad crackly with the static over the overloaded wireless network, so what need is there for me?

Even the question that I asked so many years ago,  “Where is the
venture capital, the product development support and the marketing
opportunity for the innovations that rise UP from the bottom?” has been
by the stars…

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