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Mind the gap!

So after writing this post on the mobile as a tool for social and economic development and andy polaine’s tip on gapminder…. ta – dah! The number of phone users per 1000 people vs. the income per capita [GNI] to … Continue reading

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Does size matter?

I was browsing through Uday’s Design with India site – it keeps evolving as its role changes – and reread the BusinessWeek article juxtaposed with John Thackara’s Door’s post on India’s National Design Policy. Both have one thing in common … Continue reading

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Is an industrial designer an artist’s engineer?

Going through these fantastical buildings by such surrealistic masters of architecture as Gehry and Hadid, and thinking with my engineer’s hat makes me step back with awe at those who manifest tangibly these virtual visions.

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The Indian Postal Service – a bloody miracle

Reading Shalini’s comment on my previous post on letter writing and her reminiscences about missing the feel and texture of good quality stationary [A weakness I confess to, it was my first splurge at Muji over 13 years ago] – … Continue reading

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Is there a trade off between choosing design and design thinking?

Quoting a recent email exchange with Christina Wodtke to start off what feels to be an excellent opportunity for me to circumlocute to my heart’s content. Is it the struggle between the "left brain of the designer" vs "the right … Continue reading

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So much left to see, so little time

create your own visited countries map

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[Highly confidential]

I was just ruminating on the secret of my blogging success, which to me is defined as the personal enjoyment I gain from the activity, which in turn becomes why some blogs sustain a momentum over time and some get … Continue reading

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