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2010: Pondering the future…

Four years ago in first week of January 2006, I set myself the goal to give voice for the user at the very bottom of the social and economic pyramid, so that she too could be heard. Having experienced the … Continue reading

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“It seems that destiny has taken a hand” ~ casablanca

My little netbook, the 10" eeePC that has been my workhorse in Helsinki for most of this year, was dead on arrival here in Singapore a couple of days ago. Driven by a deadline to submit final documentation to the … Continue reading

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the internet is, was, and always will be about the people, not the technology

Netizen. Reference (1995) Net-i-zen = the zen of the net. the heart and soul and mind of the interweb. are the people. the technology is only the body. also, My handle at one point on the internet (1997) I can … Continue reading

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An open letter to my teachers of design

                    Photo credit: James Hicks Dear NiD, I walked out on you without a word of explanation just over 18 years ago, one day. Perhaps the time has come to talk about many things, as the Walrus said, including cabbages … Continue reading

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Its still the 7th of July in the UK, for a few minutes more

I just got off the phone with my friend Emma in Yorkshire when it struck me that it was the 7th of July, 2008, to be sure, but three years is a good space of time on which to reflect, … Continue reading

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Encountering Africa

Today is not only my fourth full day in Africa but also the first day that I have managed to the get eeePC online for a significant length of time. This is my first time here on this continent and … Continue reading

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Playing dice with god, with all due respect to Enstein

I don’t know if Albert Einstein was right or wrong, when he said "God does not play dice" but for sure, sometimes, when you’re wandering through your day getting your chores done, dropping off the laundry then having a smoke … Continue reading

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